Our logo

The Group logo – As represented by the 21st century Atlas

Atlas, the Titan: Collective strength

Altas, bearer of the heavens is synonymous with vast, all-encompassing strength and is used to symbolise the Group's own collective strength. It reflects the combined qualities of astute and dynamic management while emphasising the Group's tenacity, consistency, reliability and overall leadership.

The Sun: Enlightenment and growth

The Sun, as a source of infinite energy and inspiration, is used here in conjunction with the Atlas head to represent the vitality and powerful presence of the Group both in its industrial prowess and its financial, technological and intellectual skills.

The Earth segments: Diversified activities

Each of the latitudes around the Titan represent various sections – industrial, agricultural, financial and other activities of the Group. As with the infinite variety of the world, so is the strength of the Group, made up of its diverse activities.

The Globe: Global vision

The Group's global presence and vision is reflected in the entirety of the Earth's sphere.

The Base: Solid foundation

The strength of the entire edifice depends upon the strength of the foundation embedded in the bedrock, represented here by the Group name.

The symmetry: The Resilience, versatility and stability

Seen in its entirety, each of the elements – Atlas, the Sun, the Earth Divisions, the Globe and the Base – together sum up a well-conceptualised and balanced conglomerate.

Strong Foundation . Sustained Growth . Proven Leadership