Management team

The company is managed by a Board of Directors, comprising eminent industrialists, businessmen and dedicated professionals under the Chairmanship of Shri B. K. Birla.

The composition of the Board of Directors of the company as on May 03, 2016 is as under:

  • Shri B. K. Birla, Chairman
  • Shri Kumar Mangalam Birla, Vice-Chairman
  • Smt. Rajashree Birla
  • Shri Pradip Kumar Daga, Independent Director
  • Shri Yazdi. P. Dandiwala, Independent Director
  • Shri Rajan A. Dalal, Independent Director
  • Shri Shohanlal. K. Jain, Independent Director
  • Shri D. K. Agrawal, (Whole-time Director)

All the divisions / plants are headed by highly qualified professionals as under:

Senior executives (as on May 03, 2016)

Century Textiles, H.O & corporate, Birla Century, Century Yarn and Denim
  • Shri R. K. Dalmia – Senior President and CFO

Century Rayon, Tyrecord and Chemicals
  • Shri O. R. Chitlange – Senior President

Century, Maihar, Manikgarh and Sonar Bangla Cements
  • Shri Jayant Dua – Senior President & Chief Executive Officer

Century Cement & Sonar Bangla Cement
  • Shri Alok Patni – President (Works)

Maihar Cement Units I & II
  • Shri R. K. Vaishnavi – President (Works)

Manikgarh Cement Units I & II
  • Shri P. S. Bakshi – President (Works)

Century Pulp & Paper
  • Shri J. P. Narain – Chief operating officer

Birla Estates
  • Shri K. T. Jithendran, Chief Executive Officer

  • Shri D. K. Agrawal, President (Corporate Affairs)
  • Shri Atul K. Kedia, Vice President (Legal) & Company Secretary
  • Shri Arun Gaur, Head - Human Resources

  • M/s. Dalal & Shah, Mumbai